We at Solidtrax want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase(s). We won’t intend to spam you and only communicate via email when we have something new to offer or when we have deals that can save you money. If you have questions, comments or complaints, please contact us via the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Furthermore we are committed to protecting your privacy. Here we explain how we collect, store and process your personal data, and your rights concerning these data.

When is Data Collected

Data is collected when you sign up for our newsletter, submit a support ticket or order our products through this site.

What Data is Collected

We store your name, email address and information about ordered products such as product name, purchase date and the amount paid.

Why we Collect Data

We collect data to provide you the best possible purchase and support experience. The collected data helps us with providing support and make you offers.

When we Share Your Data

Solidtrax will not share your data with any third party. Orders from our web site are processed by our eCommerce provider Paddle Inc. and the data collected is regulated by their Privacy Policy.

Anonymous Data

We use anonymous data for analytical or marketing reasons, such as the analysis of sales success and historical product sales.

Your Rights

You have the right to see, modify or delete the data we have collected based on your interaction with our web site. Please contact us.