KS Digital A200mk2 Monitors

Nov 9, 2022 | Review

True to the source?

KSD A200mk2

It’s been a few years now since we auditioned the KSdigital A200 and we clearly remember how impressed we were with the performance of this 3-way studio monitor. When we found out about the release of the A200mk2 earlier this year, we decided to contact the company and ask them for a demo set that we could test and review. Since we also had our eye on the A100 2-way monitor set, as a potential alternative with a lower price tag, KSdigital was happy to send us both sets for us to test and review. If you like to read about our experiences with the A100, please click here!

The KSdigital A200mk2 monitors have made a very positive impression. In fact, we’ve never before auditioned a set of studio monitors in our rooms that impressed us this much. Sure, we’ve experienced other monitors that really have fantastic qualities and we still think very highly of those monitors. But with the A200mk2, for the first time, it’s like there are no downsides to the presentation. Everything that comes out of these monitors seems to be accurate and true to the source, perfectly balanced, punchy and effortlessly delivered.

We fully recommend the A200mk2 monitors. If you are looking for a very well built studio monitor set and you can afford them, we can only encourage you to check them out or check out our review at: KS Digital A200mk2 – User review – Gearspace.com

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