Buchardt Audio A500

Nov 10, 2022 | Review

Full range in compact housing

Buchardt Audio A500

The A500 is a very impressive set of compact wireless monitor speakers. One of their most unique qualities has to be their ability to offer you a genuine full range sound, as if you are listening to a set of monitors with a subwoofer that is perfectly integrated into the setup. But let this particular quality not stand in the way of all the other amazing qualities this speaker has to offer.

It’s fast, dynamic, transparent, it reveals the tiniest details and you can listen to them all day without the fear of getting ear fatigue. They give you lots of insight, but they don’t become boring or over analytical. And on top of that, you have a speaker that has the ability to load different master tunings, which makes them very versatile and flexible.

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Or visit the Buchardt Audio website.

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