Ever since I was a kid I listened to and analyzed music. As a matter of fact, I still do to this day. In the 80s I played with leftover tape machines, guitar stomp pedals, a piano and synthesizers from my mum and dad, resulting in mixtapes. Later I took piano lessons, played in several bands and because of my general interest in electronics and computers, I started sampling and composing music with so called ‘Trackers’, since the early days of the Personal Computer. This laid the foundation for the company Solidtrax.

With Solidtrax we have been working for several companies like Arturia, Bitwig, Cableguys, KiloHearts, Reason Studio, Sonic Charge, Synapse Audio and Roland to name a few. Since 2017, sound design, teaching and consultancy for music production related hardware and software companies has become my full-time profession.

If you are looking for presets for your favorite synth or effect, please take a look in our shop. Are you a developer for music production related hardware and/or software and you would like me to help out with the factory content, quality assurance and/or consultancy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.